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  Q B. Chung, Ph.D.
Professor of Information Systems
Villanova School of Business


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I am currently teaching the following courses. More details about the courses can be found at Villanova's e-learning website.
  • VSB 1015: Business Dynamics

[Course Description] The Business Dynamics (BD) course is intended to provide new VSB students with an understanding of the nature and purpose of a business enterprise. In other words, the course is intended to ground students in the context of business: the objectives of business, its capabilities to be able to accomplish the mission, and the skill sets a twenty-first century effective business person should possess. This course should also provide students with an idea as to why they are taking the subsequent courses, and motivate and excite them about the rest of the curriculum at VSB. BD serves as the first step in preparing students to become creative and innovative problem solvers, who can ethically adapt to changing business conditions in a global economy. Students should come away from the course with important general skills such as problem solving, analytical skills and techniques, business writing skills, and presentation skills. They should also acquire fundamental knowledge of how business disciplines specifically contribute to business success.

  • MIS 2030: Database Management

[Course Description] This course is designed to give the students an understanding of the theoretic and practical issues related to the management of a database in a business environment. To accomplish this, lecture material on database concepts such as data modeling using entity-relationship models and its implementation with SQL is combined with the extensive use of MS Access and MS SQL to complete homework and solve selected cases related to the material in the text. Characteristics and management of distributed databases and Client/Server database technologies are discussed as well.

  • MBA 8330: Big Data - Theories and Practice

[Course Description] A number of factors contribute to increasing the volume, velocity, and variety of data, causing the new phenomenon of Big Data to become an unavoidable IT challenge. This MIS special topics course will examine Big Data from both theoretical and practical perspectives in a condensed 2-weekend format.


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