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  Q B. Chung, Ph.D.
Professor of Information Systems
Villanova School of Business


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At home, I am the man -- a loving husband and father -- and the king of our little castle. (I also claim to be a decent handyman, carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic, chauffeur, seasonal yard laborer, coffee grinder, jar opener, masseur, SAT tutor, counselor, comedian ... but who doesn't?)

It wasn't always like that, though. I never had a castle, was not a king, and never even dreamed of calling myself a loving husband and father until something big happened. It all began like this.

Then, our castle became more and more crowded as new residents moved in, one by one -- first Christine, then Gloria, and then Rachel, and finally Ben! 

Look at them! My life would be meaningless without them. Their happiness is my life. This picture was taken at the Jersey shore many years ago. Today, Ben is the tallest of all six of us. What's more? Gloria has become Mrs. Cosulich! (Click on the "The Kids" tab and meet Mike!)


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