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  Q B. Chung, Ph.D.
Professor of Information Systems
Villanova School of Business


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I was born in Seoul, Korea. As I grew up, I attended a Presbyterian church in Seoul, which all my close friends in the neighborhood also attended. As soon as I turned 16, I was baptized because I wanted to become a "real" Christian who confessed his faith openly. I must admit that, although my motive was pure, my understanding of God was vague at best and my knowledge of the Bible was spotty. I graduated from college, I met June, we got married, Christine was born, and the three of us came to the States. Our American life began.

A serious encounter with my Creator took place in my late 20s. It changed my life view. But that change involved no decision on my part and my effort to become a dedicated Christian was negligible. It was God's own work. Life must have been weary. I was definitely thirsty. I remember being absorbed into the Word easily, and I was praying more frequently and earnestly. I count them as sweet and delightful memories. The net effect of the big change can be summarized like the following statements -- or, my credo:

  • God's Word is infallible. If I find anything disagreeable in the Bible, that's because my understanding is imperfect and limited.
  • Nothing in life can compare to the call to serve God. He is my king, deserving my all. The throne of my heart is no longer mine.
  • Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. No one else can take that place. He will come back just as he promised -- and this time, not as a baby.
  • My spiritual growth will continue till my last moment on earth. The joy of salvation is renewed every time I focus on the Cross.
  • When things in life go wrong without my sinful intentions, it is God's graceful intervention to bless me in an unusual way. There is no need to panic.
  • This earthly life is not all there is. There is eternity.

If you are interested in discussing any of my views expressed above, I welcome your thoughts. I am confident that you will be as blessed and glad as I am, once you know what I mean.


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